A Need for Safe Cleaning Solutions

John Shanahan 6/23/16

GenEon is the outcropping of a history of working in the Environmental health industry.  Most would call this the janitorial industry because they see people emptying trash bins and cleaning toilets. I would offer that if the people and staff that perform these tasks did not show up, no one would ever want to return to their hospital, place of work, or place their children in a school, be it public or private. With a long career in this space I have seen these wonderful people who have to perform these tasks often placed in a position of compromising their health and safety.  With the use of what seemingly may be safe cleaning materials that are actually loaded with toxic chemicals inside brands you know well like Windex, 409, Buckeye Blue and Simple Green just to name a few.

The additional compromise is that when it comes to killing dangerous pathogens (Germs), these staffers cannot adequately perform the task of killing these germs as the toxic chemicals they have been given to use, do not work in a manner that they can employ. Think of it this way, chemists create quaternary disinfectants which are toxic to people!  These disinfectants require very long dwell times to be effective and when not used properly, cause the germs to adapt and become stronger. At one time penicillin was the leading antibiotic used to help people. Through the complete misuse of these valuable antibiotics, we now have highly resistant germs that only broaden the spectrum of antibiotics, like Zithromax, which exist as a last defense for harmful germs.

Likewise, it is the same with surface disinfectants; when misused and not allowed to properly dwell on surfaces, nature adapts. When this happens, germs affect the health of students, building occupants and children. In addition to no longer being effective, the sad issue is they simply cannot work since the worker required to use them has 33,000+ square feet to clean.  Thus they cannot realistically support disinfectants that require 5 to 10 minutes to work and cleaning chemicals that are harming their health.

OSG, A New Technology From Our Industry.

OSG-technology, while not new, is a proven technology that harnesses the power of the body’s own defense against germs. HOCl, Hypochlorous Acid, is in all mammals as a built in defense against invading pathogens. This remarkable solution lives in the white blood cells of the human body and kills effectively within us.

In the late 1800’s, Michael Faraday in the search for portable energy, discovered that a simple brine solution could yield two solutions- Sodium Hydroxide, a high alkaline solution, and Hypochlorous Acid/HOCl. While Faraday’s devices were never commercialized they proved that the power of chlorine could be harnessed.

When looking at his body of work, I focused on the simplicity of the design to return the concept of compact On Site Generation technology (OSG). This science is also known as ECA or Electrochemical Activation of water. GenEon was created to simplify the designs that had morphed from the original concept that Faraday created to large burdensome devices. We saw these as complex devices that the user could not easily adapt and work with. These needed to be more adaptable, reliable, affordable and intuitive for the user. GenEon took the leadership role to change the narrative to bring OSG technology closer to the smartphone ease-of-use technology.

GenEon’s solutions are not harmful to the user or the facilities they are used in. In addition, the disinfectants are not harmful to the staff deploying them and provide the necessary “quick kill” on harmful germs that can affect the health of the buildings. It is widely accepted that chlorine is the best killer of harmful germs, yet in the past, the only way to get this was with bleach. Bleach is highly corrosive, damaging to surfaces and can induce asthma. GenEon’s OSG solutions do not cause these affects and yet provide the safe fast kills that microbiologist require to accomplish a quick kill.

GenEon is an intuitive visionary corporation that places the health of our clients, their facilities and staff as our first priority. Public health, safety and results are what drive our passion!

At the heart of entrepreneurship is sometimes seeing the power of the past and harnessing it for the future. GenEon is that company taking the best from the proven past and marrying it to the present.

John Shanahan

Co-Founder, Vice President of Sales GenEon Technologies